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Rescue Among Many is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2011 by Carol Bruton after realising the dire need for basic resources in the rural parts of the Cape Winelands area. RAM’s main focus is towards rural institutions in the winelands surrounds (Schools, Farm Schools, ECD’s and Old Age Homes) where they supply them with goods like food, clothing, medical supplies and more according to what they need.
“Imagine Holidays are our biggest support and sponsoring company. We are extremely proud of this company who is compassionate towards the rural less fortunate and carry the rural children in their hearts. The children’s horizons have expanded due to luxury trips away from the dusty farm roads and basic living. They experienced what city living is all about inspiring them to be more, do more and get out of their situation to work in city surrounds.
Always coming to the fore when we put a call out or SOS assistance. Even in this Covid-19 period of your closure, you supported us in the biggest way. We are totally bowled over by your generosity and golden hearts. Thank you Imagine Cruising and Imagine Holidays we are extremely proud to be part of your family. Without you, we would never be the same.”

Carol Bruton - Chairperson