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Climb on board the contemporary and comfortable Spirit of Queensland, a modern tilt train, for a fabulous one-night journey from sunny Brisbane to the natural wilderness of captivating Cairns. Travelling over 1,500km north, you’ll embrace the picturesque views of the unfolding landscape from your pleasant seat. Savour the delectable flavours of local product, listen to music from the state-of-the-art entertainment facilities and get to know your fellow passengers as you glide through the landscapes of a top speed of 160km an hour.

The newest trains on the track, the Spirit of Queensland combines the perfect blend of comfortable seating and modern entertainment options with the charm of a long-distance rail travel. Travelling between Brisbane and Cairns five times a week, the Spirit of Queensland redefines the modern rail travel experience with the convenience and ease of access spectacular holiday destinations.


Life on board Spirit of Queensland

The moment you step on board, you’ll be transported into a world of relaxation. With state-of-the-art facilities, the Spirit of Queensland tilt train offers you the classic old-world charms of rail travel with the ultimate mix of modern-day comforts.


The train is made up of 9 carriages and includes two power carriages, a baggage carriage, two RailBed carriages, three Economy Seating carriages and a Café carriage.

As it’s an overnight train, there are two options for accommodation – RailBed and Premium Economy.

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy carriages have four seats per row, two on each side of the aisle. The leather seats are spacious and can be reclined to a comfortable 30 degrees. You’ll also find overhead lockers to store luggage, a powerpoint for charging electronics, a reading light, and a knee blanket.


An Australian first, the revolutionary RailBed is a spacious and comfortable seat by day and a lie-flat bed by night – very similar to a Business Class seat on a plane in both style and design.

There are three seats/pods per row, making the single seat perfect for solo travellers. Enjoy the extra leg room and comfortable 35 degree recline.

Other extras include a complimentary welcome pack with an assortment of toiletries, a handy fold-out table, a drink holder, a reading light, a 240-volt powerpoint for charging electronics, and a footrest.


In both the Premium Economy and RailBed carriages, you’ll find an entertainment system in the back of the headrest of the seat in front of you, the same as you’d find on a plane. All of which feature a variety of good movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts to keep you entertained into the evening.

During the day, the scenery is incredibly picturesque as you journey through small country towns, tropical rainforests, sugar cane fields and banana plantations. So, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and soak up the glorious passing landscapes.

Food & Drink

On-board menus offer a range of options, from light refreshments such as fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps, and a selection of hot cooked dishes, ranging from traditional roasts to pastas and vegetarian dishes.

The Galley Car is open 24-hours and can also be accessed by people in the Railbed section if extra snacks or drinks are required. And a complimentary wine, beer or juice is served with lunch and dinner.

Spirit of Queensland FAQs

Where does the Spirit of Queensland route begin and end?

The Spirit of Queensland runs from Brisbane to Cairns and vice versa, with options of miniature journeys to explore highlights along the way.


How long is the trip on board the Spirit of Queensland?

The journey from Brisbane to Cairns covers a distance of 1681km and takes 25 hours.

Is there a dress code on board the Spirit of Queensland?

The minimum dress requirement for customers is that clean and tidy casual clothing is worn, and it’s a necessity that footwear is worn when moving throughout the train.

What’s included on board the Spirit of Queensland?

Customers will receive an in-seat trolley service throughout their journey, whereas those who have booked a RailBed will receive inclusive meals, served directly to their seat.

Are there sleepers on the Spirit of Queensland?

The Spirit of Queensland is proud to offer an Australian first, the revolutionary RailBed. The RailBed is a spacious and comfortable seat by day that includes a state-of-the-art personal entertainment system and 240v power point. In the evening the onboard team convert the seat to a lie-flat bed with all linen provided.

Are there showers on board?

The Spirit of Queensland features: licensed club car (open 24 hours with alcohol served 10am–midnight) drinking fountains. showers and toilets at the end of each carriage.

Does the Spirit of Queensland have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Free Wi-Fi is available onboard the Tilt Train service.

Is there wheelchair access on board?

The Spirit of Queensland offers accessible facilities. When you join or leave the train, a team member will deploy a ramp that can be used to assist any customer that requests it. Accessible seats are also available, including for people transferring into the seat from a mobility device.

Additionally, the Spirit of Queensland has accessible toilet facilities and accessible showers.

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