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Luxury Owner’s Cabin (Cat. A)

Cabin 1 – Probably the most legendary ship’s cabin ever. Marjorie has furnished the luxury suite herself. Whenever she traveled with the SEA CLOUD, these rooms were her home. Fireplace and bathroom in white Carrara marble, gold-plated swan necks as fittings, valuable Louis Philippe chairs, a large bed of varnish in old white decorated with gold, elaborate ceiling ornaments and a room-high dressing mirror: the furnishings she selected with exquisite taste reflect the successful American entrepreneur’s desire to spend time on her private yacht in a luxurious ambience.

Cabin 2 – In addition to her exquisite taste, Marjorie’s attention to detail is evident in the interior of the owner’s cabins. This is also reflected in the suite of her first husband Edward Hutton, who gave her the unique SEA CLOUD as a gift. The maple wood panelling gives the cabin a feeling of warmth and solidity; the light coffered ceiling gives the room a certain lightness. Special highlight: Edward Hutton’s beautiful “Bureau Bookcase” secretary with mirrored glass.

De Luxe Original Cabin (Cat. B)

Cabin 3 – The original guestrooms reflected the generous hospitality of the Huttons. Each of these cabins was individually designed with carefully selected furniture and precious materials. The original colonial-style cabin no. 3 with its comfort is a testimony to this tradition. Famous personalities from the nobility, business and show business have already bedded their heads in this and the other spacious original cabins.

Cabin 4 – During the construction period of the SEA CLOUD in Kiel and later, when Marjorie already lived on board, she collected precious antiques all over the world. The original cabin No. 4 is one of the many examples of how skillfully she integrated the valuable pieces into the interior of her private yacht.

Cabin 5 – Marjorie’s declared goal was to make her family and her guests feel at home every minute on board the SEA CLOUD. Accordingly, she has designed the rooms like this de luxe original cabin to be spacious and comfortable. Spacious antique mahogany chests of drawers, marble in the bathroom and by the fireplace and antique unique pieces spread a cosy elegance.

Cabin 6 – Every vacation on the SEA CLOUD is also a journey through time. As in all original cabins, in this de luxe cabin you will feel transported back to the time of the elegant world customer of the 1930s. The selected antique mahogany furniture is small and delicate. Thanks to the color selection of the fabrics, the room has an extremely warm, sunny and light atmosphere.

Cabin 7 – As the first owner, Marjorie also furnished the SEA CLOUD with so much love for detail because she wanted to offer her daughter Dina Merrill a wonderful and safe home on board. This is especially noticeable in cabin no. 7: here Dina spent a large part of her childhood. The furniture made of fine maple has mahogany inlays. The unusual floor plan with the sloping fireplace makes the cabin appear even larger.

Cabin 8 – The original guestrooms reflected the generous hospitality of the Huttons and still contain the soul of the SEA CLOUD. Cabin no. 8 is a fine example for the character of the exclusive private yacht as which the ship was designed from the very beginning.

De Luxe Original Cabin (Cat. C)

Cabins 9 and 10 are located in the original area on the main deck. Both rooms were redesigned into large De-Luxe outside cabins. The design is based on historical models with a modern accentuation and is kept in warm fabrics and wood tones. Both cabins are located at the end of the original area and are connected to the promenade deck by a separate staircase.

Double-Bed Cabins (Cat. 1)

Like all the cabins on the captain’s and lidodeck, these two rooms were only built in the late 1970’s and offer a great deal of comfort. Their outstanding feature is the panoramic windows placed over the corners, which make the overall impression bright and friendly.

Twin-Bed Cabins (Cat. 2)

Even though the cabins on the captain’s and lidodeck were harmoniously integrated into the SEA CLOUD only later, they naturally follow the standards set in the original area. Their tasteful interior design is a contemporary interpretation of the interior designed by Marjorie Merriweather in the 1930s. The comfortable interior corresponds with the wonderful view of the wide sea.

Twin-bed cabins (Cat. 3)

These comfortable cabins have a special maritime charm due to their location between the manoeuvring stations for hoisting and lowering the sails. The deckhouse, which was added during the renovation of the SEA CLOUD, is an oasis of peace, but due to its location on the promenade deck, the cabins are also only one step away from the restaurant and lounge in the superstructure amidships.

Twin-Bed Cabins (Cat. 4)

In addition to the comfort and luxury that characterize the SEA CLOUD, both cabins offer a special feature: the most charming place on the tall ship – the so-called Blue Lagoon – can be reached directly from them. The semi-circular, blue cushions that give the ship its name are the traditional place on board for relaxing sunbathing or – at night – for a dreamy view of the impressive starry sky above the ocean.

Upper-/Lower-Bed Cabins (Cat. 5)

These cabins are the right place for sailing enthusiasts. In Marjorie’s time, the officers of the SEA CLOUD were accommodated here. Their furnishings are correspondingly nautical. The clou: The doors of the cabins below the bridge deck lead directly to the promenade deck, so that at night you can sleep in the perfect maritime ambience with open doors and fresh air.

Guarantee Cabins

Guaranteed double cabins: The range of accommodation starts from Cat. 5. You will receive your exact cabin number when arriving on board. The allotment for this category is very limited.

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