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P&O Australia is one of the most trusted and oldest cruise lines, giving Aussies and Kiwis highly memorable holiday experiences.

You might choose P&O Australia in the first place because of its long history as a cruise line, dating back to the 1930s. But whether you travel near or far, it is the on-board experience that will truly impress you, with the attractions including a broad range of dining options, stimulating entertainment, and an assortment of other on-board cruise activities.

The name of P&O Cruises is synonymous with the chance to take in beautiful shores, revel in mouth-watering food, and travel in undeniable comfort. But the company also believes in enabling its customers – including families, couples, and groups – to build the cruise experience that they want.

With P&O Cruises Australia being part of the Carnival Australia family that represents seven cruise brands catering to Australians and New Zealanders, you really will be in the best hands.

P&O Australia Cruise Ships

Pacific Explorer®
Cruising from Auckland, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, and Brisbane, Pacific Explorer® is a much-loved seasonal favourite that carries 2,000 guests in comfort.
Pacific Encounter
For both familiar and new favourite features on your cruise from Brisbane, don’t hesitate to choose the elegant and well-equipped Pacific Encounter.
Pacific Adventure
Style, relaxation, and stimulation alike await on your P&O Cruise on board Pacific Adventure, which cruises from Sydney.

P&O Australia FAQs

Can I enjoy duty-free shopping on board a P&O Australia cruise?

Yes, you can. Whatever ship you travel on, you can shop from a broad range of items, including cosmetics, jewellery, surf wear, liquor, electrical items, confectionery, and souvenirs.

Am I able to use my mobile phone on board a P&O Australia cruise?

Provided that there is satellite availability, mobile phone reception is available on any P&O cruise. However, you will need a compatible mobile phone, and a service plan that is able to roam internationally with Maritime Communications Partners (AS).

What dining options does P&O Australia Cruises offer?

Whether you fancy a casual bite to eat or wish to experience the finest of fine dining, your P&O cruise will offer a culinary experience to suit. While many dining options will be included in your cruise fare, for nominal fees, you can take advantage of some optional extras and specialty dining.

Are there children’s menus on a P&O Australia cruise?

Yes, there are. Head to the Waterfront Restaurant on your P&O cruise to discover the latest special kids’ menus.

Is there a doctor on board a P&O Australia cruise?

All P&O cruise ships have a Medical Centre staffed with registered doctors and nurses. These medical professionals are available during scheduled clinic times, as well as on a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week basis in the case of medical emergencies. Please consult P&O Australia’s Booking and Travel Conditions for more information on how its on-board Medical Centres can be used.

Does P&O Australia provide an on-board laundry service?

Yes, it does. Alternatively, you can use the self-service laundromat on board to do your laundry yourself. You will need to pay charges for both services.

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