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Welcome to luxury travel redefined. Explora Journeys is a brand-new luxury lifestyle brand created with the discerning traveller in mind.

Their mission? To offer our guests a chance to experience an `Ocean State of Mind`, a mindset created when we escape to the ocean, relax, create memories and reconnect with what matters most in our lives.

Forget stuffy, traditional opulence and think relaxed European glamour – vibrant, cosmopolitan and with a thirst for discovery and appreciation for wellbeing and nature.

We’re not going to tell you about fine dining, luxury bed linens or the complimentary bottle of Champagne on arrival – it goes without saying that these come as standard. Instead Explora Journeys will showcase up-and-coming-chefs from around the globe, with food inspired by destinations you’ll visit, they’ve created suites designed with a fresh, refined elegance with floor-to-ceiling windows and private sun terraces to bring guests closer to the ocean and boast an industry leading host to guest ratio of 1:1.25 – all of which are hand-picked by the Explora Journeys team.

Explora Journeys Cruise Ships

Representing a new era in luxury ocean journeys, EXPLORA I is the blueprint of sublime design, unforgettable experiences, and the key to discovering your “Ocean State of Mi...
Explora II
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