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Showcasing to the world the magnificence of India, Exotic Heritage Group has been bringing joy to voyagers for 30 years.

Offering beautiful and luxurious getaway cruises through India’s holiest waters, the River Ganges, the Exotic Heritage Group has been providing unique boutique experiences on both land and water for the past three decades. As you sail through India’s rich history on the tranquil waters of the Ganges, soaking up the colourful culture and scenic views of Bangladesh wave by wave, you can let loose and unwind in the knowledge that you are being cared for by a world class, customer-focused service – in one of the most beautiful and holy places on Earth.

Discover India, a country not just astonishing, but revered, rich with vibrant culture, exotic cuisine, and a deep, glorious history. With Exotic Heritage Group’s extravagant cruises, the privilege to experience this remarkable and sacred part of the world is all yours. Make memories to last a lifetime and set sail today.

Exotic Heritage Group Cruise Ships

Ganges Voyager II
Fine dining and spacious suites: Much like her sister ship, the Voyager II embodies total luxury.
Ganges Voyager I
Indulge yourself on the iconic Ganges Voyager as you sail swiftly down India’s holiest waters.
Bengal Ganga
Transport yourself to another world on this royal colonial inspired ship, boasting a premium interior, radiating class and luxury.

Exotic Heritage Group Cruises FAQs

Do your ships have Wi-Fi?

Yes, fast Wi-Fi is available on all ships.

What other facilities are available on the ships?

The ships are also equipped with tea and coffee makers, fruit platters, hot and cold-water facilities, televisions, as well as personal balconies for those who want some extra privacy.

What is the weather like in India?

The weather can get very hot in the summer months (from April onwards), with much milder winters. The temperatures in summer range from 29°C-42°C. It is recommended to check before you travel.

How long are your itineraries?

Itineraries on all cruise ships range between 4-12 days.

How many guests are your ships able to take?

Guest capacity on the Bengal Gala and both Voyagers I and II is 56. The Ganga Vilas has a guest capacity of 36. The Nauka Vilas is a small ship, and has one luxury suite, and is intended for couples.

How many staff are on board each ship?

There are 35 members of staff on board each vessel to ensure an excellent level of customer service.

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