Italian Escape & Grand Prix

Experience the Italian Grand Prix

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Explore two of Italy’s most atmospheric cities on a this holiday, immersing yourself amid the dramatic scenery, historical sights and famously tasty cuisine. Your journey will take you to the secret passages of Venice and the fashion capital of Milan, culminating in an action-packed three days of motor racing at the Italian Grand Prix.

Your holiday begins in Venice, glide along the canals in an effortless gondola or a charming water taxi, the only way to travel in the lagoon city. Uncover the secrets of the bridges, palaces and islands and finish each day with a glass of prosecco in an underground bar – beloved by both residents and visitors.

Your next stop brings you to the fashion capital of Milan: the grand cathedral provides the perfect backdrop to the boutiques, trendy cafes and restaurants. During your stay here you’ll have tickets to three days of action-packed entertainment at the Italian Grand Prix, where the great and the good of motor racing go head to head on one of the sport’s most scenic tracks.

Make your way to the racetrack just outside the city and get to know the famous banked corners and flyover bridge of ‘La Pista Magica’ on Practice Day. As the action heats up on Qualifying Day, make your predictions for pole position on the final day, Race Day, where you’ll have fabulous views of the Variante del Rettifilo chicane and the rest of the track from your seats in the grandstand. It’s the perfect end to your adventure.

Duration 7 nights
Departing Sep 2019
  • All flights
  • All taxes
  • All transfers

Your Experience

  • 3 night hotel stay in Venice
  • 4 night hotel stay in Milan
  • 3 day ticket to the Italian Grand Prix including:
  • Friday 6 September 2019 (Practice Day)
  • Saturday 7 September 2019 (Qualifying Day)
  • Sunday 8 September 2019 (Race Day)
  • Return Emirates flights & taxes
  • All transfers (excludes transfers to and from the Italian Grand Prix)


Days 1 - 3

Discover the secret passageways, dramatic Gothic architecture and the famous Venetian cuisine; all of which contribute to the beauty and intrigue of this enchanting city.

Defying both logic and architectural techniques, the city stands as beautiful as it was the day it came into fruition, an incredibly well-preserved network of waterways and grand palazzi. Take a trip on a gondola, an iconic experience and undisputed romantic symbol of this timeless city.

Hotel Tritone

4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star

Days 4 - 7

Take a stroll around fashionable Milan and you’ll uncover a creative and historic city, where modern marvels meet traditional Italian heritage.

Visit the Brera district with its botanical garden, fantastic shopping and thrilling nightlife. Or stroll around Sforza Castle, a huge medieval-renaissance fortress with museums and art by da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Hotel Litta Palace

4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star

Days 5 - 7
Italian Grand Prix

There’s no better setting for the Italian Grand Prix than staying in the country’s fashion and automotive capital, Milan. Exploring amid the dramatic architecture, absorb the city’s motor racing history and enjoy the delicious Northern Italian cuisine.

During the day, head out of the city and explore the thrills and spills on the Monza racetrack nearby: just outside the northeast of the city, the track is surrounded by beautiful parkland and provides the perfect stage for the high-octane event.

Hotel Litta Palace

4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star 4 star


02 Sep 2019 - 09 Sep 2019 Standard from R27,999

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